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        A proverb allegedly from ancient China was widely apread in the west:"If you want to be happy for hours,go to get drunk;If you want the happiness to last years,get married;If you want a lifetime happiness,take up gardening."The reason for the last option is this;Gardening is ont only useful,it helps you to identify yourself with nature,and thus brings you new joy each day besides improving your health.
       A research of a USA university that I ve read gives a definition of happiness as what makes a person feel confortably pleased.To put it specifically,happiness is an active state of mind where one thinks one s life is meaningful,satisfactory and comfortable.This should be something lasting rather than transitory.
        Lots of people regard it the happiest to be at leisure.But according to a study,it is not a person with plenty of leisure but one at work that happy,especially those busy with work having one is seeking for.People often do not cherish what they already have but yearn for what they cannot get.That is somewhat like a man indulging in fond dreams of numerous lovers while reluctant to settle down with the woman beside him.
        Happiness is a game balancing between two ends-what one has and what one wishes for,such as one s dream and the possibility to realize it.THe study cimes to this conclu sion;A happy man is one who sims high but never forgets his achual ituation;one who meets challenges that tap his ability and potentiality;one who is proud of his achievements and the recognition given to him.He has delf-respect and self-confidencek;treasures hisown identity andloyes freedom.He is sociable and enjoys wide range communication with others;be is helpful and rehdy to aqcept assidtance.He knows he is able endure suffer ings and frustrations;he is sensible enough to getfun from daily chores.He is aman ca pable of love and passion.


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